CBC, Canada’s longest standing conventional network has enjoyed some big hits and returning series, we have reviewed their new season offerings and here are our predictions for 2020 hits.

The Sounds

Set in New Zealand, this thriller follows the vacationing Cabbott family mired in secrets and scandals. This eight-part series delves into situational drama including relationship crises, embezzlement and an earth-shattering crime. This is a story of moral tests and dilemmas, and reveals the lengths people will undergo to get they want.

Mondays 8pm

War of the Worlds

Everyone is familiar with the classic story of War of the Worlds, here it is reinvented. Set in present day post-apocalyptic Europe, mankind is on the verge of complete extinction after an extraterrestrial attack. Tune in to see the remaining survivors hunt for answers and try to save the human race.

Wednesdays 8pm


In this new series, Samuel L. Jackson shares the story of 400 years of human trafficking in Africa. Through a deep look into his heritage, Jackson will trace his ancestral tribe and document his journey. Each episode follows 3 unique story lines: Searching for a sunken transatlantic slave ship, Samuel L. Jackson’s personal journey, and an historical investigation. This six-part documentary series celebrates the struggles and accomplishments of cultures as they are revealed and examined today.

Sundays 9pm