Global has packed exciting sci-fi and drama into their primetime season with their new programming additions Departure, The Equalizer and neXt, and we can’t wait to tune in!

New Series:


In this six-part event series, Departure follows the investigation into the mysterious 716 passenger plane that vanished without a trace over the Atlantic Ocean. With big names like Christopher Plummer and Archie Panjabi this gripping series is sure to pull you in closer with each episode.

Thursdays 8pm

The Equalizer

In this re-vamp of the classic series, Academy Award nominee Queen Latifah plays Robyn McCall, a woman with a curious past who helps the cities most in need. While on the outside she looks like a typical mother raising her daughter, she is actually a saving grace and defender of the persecuted in search of personal vindication.

Sundays 8pm


neXt is a fact-based action thriller sure to send chills down your spine. It’s no surprise with the daily advancement of technology it will become more than the human race can handle. Watch as the artificial intelligence invasion of technology takes over this series.

Mondays 9pm

Returning Shows

New Amsterdam

On the 2019 Fall Top Ten List, the returning drama favourite is New Amsterdam. The story was inspired by the oldest public hospital in America, Bellevue. This medical drama follows the newest Medical Director, Max Goodwin, (Ryan Eggold) in his quest to bring life back into a neglected hospital and provide extraordinary care to each patient.

Tuesdays 10pm


The Unicorn

The Unicorn follows a close group of friends who help Wade (Walton Goggins) find his new normal after the loss of his wife the previous year. Father to two daughters, Wade takes the uncomfortable step of learning how to date again. With his daughters and friends supporting him, audiences are hopeful he finds his true love.

Thursdays 9pm