Our American Cousins…

Sure we’re different… 

Melting Pot or Cultural Mosaic?
Bourbon or Rye?
Barnum & Bailey or Cirque de Soleil?
World Series Ring or Lord Stanley’s Mug?
REM or The Tragically Hip?

…but we’re sooooo alike!

We share a common heritage
We share passion for leisure
We enjoy the same standard of living
We all love to laugh
We love Fridays, hate Mondays
But most importantly…

We recognize the need to advertise
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Our home and native land…

At MacKinnon Calderwood Advertising, we believe that innovative thought leadership is what sets us apart.

We share the passion with our clients to deliver brilliant work that is strategically insightful, results-driven, and above all, memorable and engaging.

Our full-service media agency is nimble in its approach and we are dedicated to bringing goal-focused solutions to every situation, turning marketing challenges into business opportunities.

MacKinnon Calderwood Advertising has a profound history of success in working with American agencies and their clients. We respect exclusivity and client privilege with our partners and we counsel and deliver successful media campaigns into the Canadian Market.

Client Agency Scope of Work
A&E Television (New York) MCA Media Buying/Creative Adaptation

Allied Steel (Ft. Lauderdale)

LIT Communications (Philedelphia) Media Planning/Regional Creative
American Family Products (Chicago) Wilson Media (New York) Media Planning/NBD
B.W.I.A. (Trinidad) Fallen (Minneapolis) Media Planning/NBD
Jack Daniels MCA Full Service
CNBC (New Jersey) Horizon (New York) Media Planning/Buying
Freeman Cosmetics (New York) Horizon (Los Angeles) Media Planning/Buying
Go RVing (Washington) Richards Group (Dallas) Media Buying/Creative Adaptation
Main ‘n Tail (Nashville) MCA Full Service
PartyPoker (England) MCA Media Planning/Buying/Event Marketing
Volkswagen (Germany) Berlin Camron (New York) Media Planning
John Frieda (Connecticut) MCA Media Planning/Buying
Irving (New Hampshire) Connelly Partners (Boston) Media Planning/Buying
Michelin (Tampa) Earthquake (New York) Media Planning/Buying
Empower MCA Media Planning/Buying
TCA MCA Media Planning/Buying
Chili’s MCA Media Planning/Buying
MBI MCA Media Planning/Buying

We are a Full Service Canadian Media Agency

We customize media campaigns to targeted Canadian markets and targeted Canadian customers.

In both cases, we know them implicitly.