While 34% of Canadian men regularly participate in sports and not surprisingly this time of year 36%support the idea of government tax relief to support Canadian NHL franchises, its not all about hockey and sport for Canadian men. To reach this group, it is important to know what media they trust and relate to best.

When connecting with Canadian men, keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Men are more likely to read the daily newspaper than women, however the opposite is true for community newspapers
  • Radio news and talk/phone-in shows are more popular with the men 18-34, yet they are the lightest radio listeners once they enter the 55+ demo
  • Men are 20% more likely to use the internet daily and now this medium accounts for 30% of their weekly media minutes

Canadian men still spend 34% of their time with the television remote firmly attached to their hand, undoubtedly tuned to tonight’s hockey playoff game or their other sport of passion!