Advertising Agencies, Marketers and Demographers are always on the lookout for the next unique consumer silo to identify and label with a distinctive moniker.  We all knowabout; Boomers, Generation X, Tweens and Grey Power, but have you heard of the latest segment “Generation Jones”? Previously referred to as late boomers, those born between 1955 and 1964, versus the early Boomers who were born between 1945 and 1954, this group is now aged 45 to 54 and this newly named the jonesers are so named because they grew up “jonesing” their hipper, more affluent older peers.

According to media pundit Jonathan Pontell who coined the phrase “Generation Jones” the Jonesers have very different values and attitudes of their older siblings.  Consideration should be given to when a boomer was born and at what age were they during the 60’s.  Specifically, did they participate or witness life and events during the 60’s? Trend watcher Beth Marlin also offers up a comparison of touchstones to drive the point.

Boomer (1945-1954)  Jonesers (1955-1964)
 Woodstock  Live Aid
 Hair, the musical  Cats, the musical
 Peace symbol necklace  Mood ring
 Vietnam war  Star Wars
 Drive in  Drive through
 The Cleavers  The Brady Bunch

Jonesers in effect were children of the emerging cynicism of the 70’s and for the most part entered the workplace in the early 80’s when unemployment and interest rates where both in the high teens.  It makes the case for one group being “wide-eyed” and the other “tie-dyed!