They say that 60 is the new 40, and if all indications are true this robust cohort will not go quietly into the night, in fact they are way more active, more health conscience and socially aware than their parents’ generation. Today’s Boomer has a strategy for living life to it’s fullest and a plan to see it realized.

When connecting with Canadian Boomers, keep these thoughts in mind;

  • Canadians are among the heaviest users of social media, in fact the fastest growing group on Facebook are women over the age of 55
  • Personalization and customization are important to Boomers and they have high expectations about the quality of service
  • The “me” generation is still about self. Beauty, self help products and stylish fashion items (apparel and housewares) are viewed as well earned, self indulgent purchase perks

A recent Yahoo! poll surveyed Canadians between the ages of 45 and 64 and discovered that Boomers are increasingly comfortable online. They regularly communicate, shop, bank and do research online. 65% used the Internet to research health information, 85% to book a trip and 59% to download music.

This is a group with no intention of slowing down.