Currently PVR household penetration is about 60%.  With all our time compressed lives, many of us have come to rely on the little black box on top of the television to help us prioritise our viewing choices.  Also, the PVR lets us record several programmes at the same time, allowing us to indeed have our cake and eat it.

With this marvel of technology at our finger tips, would you be surprized to learn that 87% of all viewing is still live in PVR households? Further according to Numeris Canada, that which we just PVR’d last night, 70% of us will play it back in one day.

Majority of playback occurs within 24 hours

Source Numeris, Total Canada, A2+, Total TV; Full Week (Mo-Su 2a-2a) 2014-15 broadcast year, 1 minute reach.
*Read as: In 2014-15, 43.8% of all PVR playback occurred on the same day as the original telecast (Ind2+)