TV Reach & Time Spent

TV continues to be the lead medium in Canada with the highest daily reach (89% of Adults 18+) and time spent (28 hours per week)

  • TV reaches 82% of Millennials every day (A18-34), and 81% of young Millennials (A18- 24)
  • Women watch more television than men, with women 18+ devoting 29.4 hours of television per week compared to 26.7 hours for men (M18+)
  • Daily newspapers reach more men on a daily basis (41% of M18+ compared to 37% of W18+), while magazines reach more women (26% to 21% of M18+)
  • The French watch more TV: French Canada watched on average of 33 hours of TV per week compared to 26.7 hours in English Canada (A18+)


Screen Time: Video Adults 18+

That compares to only:

  • 8 hours/week with YouTube
  • 9 hours/week with Netflix
  • 9 hours with Facebook
  • 24 minutes / week on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter combined