First off, we are not against digital advertising.  In fact, we embrace it!  Digital provides highly targeted audiences, data on engagement and user demographics. Every marketer that we have met loves detailed insights.

The problem is the rise of programmatic ad exchanges and the shocking lack of clarity regarding where ads are appearing and the nature of the audience that’s seeing them.

As marketers it is our job to grow and enhance our brands, with programmatic ads marketers turn over control of the destinations to where their message is appearing with.  The content of the site may not align with the brands persona.  We have also personally seen top tier brand ads written in a language not congruent with the site, talk about not being brand relevant.

Then there is the bots.  The metrics that we desire from digital can be rendered useless with the jacked up traffic numbers.  The Association of National Advertisers estimates that somewhere between 10% and 30% of online programmatic ad slots are never seen by a human, thanks to bot-related fraud.

We have some very interesting media tactics that we believe to be strategically insightful and results driven to help grow your brand in the Canadian market.