She gets everything she wants. Period! According to limelitePR, Canadian women control 85% of household spending. When reaching this influential group, it is important to know what mediums they turn to, and what mediums they trust to use as a primary source of information.

When connecting with Canadian women, keep this in mind:

  • 36% of total media consumption is devoted to Television, 40% of moms refer to TV as the main source for news and current events
  • Canadian women spend 200 minutes/week with the internet, that isĀ  double the time spent in 2001
  • Canadians are the world’s biggest users of social media (on a lighter note, only 20% of women would give up chocolate to keep the blogs they read!)

Canadian women are passionate about their media choices.

They use media as a way to connect with others, as well as, the way they research their purchase decisions.