Smartphone ownership is on its way up in Canada, and mobile subscriptions grow 10% year over year. About eight in ten smartphone owners said they don’t leave home without their mobile device. And two-thirds of them said they had used their phone every day in the past week. This suggests that Canadians are increasingly addicted to their mobile devices.

This in effect, can cause Smartphones to act as beacons for their owners, which presents amazing opportunities for businesses to track customer behaviour and apply their marketing strategies accordingly. But businesses must also be careful to not breach individual’s privacy which can be a detriment to a company’s reputation.

Fortunately, such technologies exist that take advantage of this circumstance, where network sensors are placed in several sites to create profiles and collect locational pattern information from customers to gain insight to customer behavior; all this without collecting a single name while protecting the customer’s privacy. This is just one example of a vast number of technologies and techniques available today to assist you in targeting key messages to your best customers.

MCA understands technology and can help with fitting the right technology with your marketing strategy. We provide insights to clients in using multiple media platforms as part of the full service we give our clients. It is just one reason we have worked with some accounts for more than 10+ years and counting.